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Saturday, March 10, 2012

A couple of cooking dramas

This year has got off to a flying start...11th March already...wow!

I have been on holidays this week with a trip up to the central coast to visit family then some local catch ups with good friends.

My cooking has been a little haphazard this week. Made a creme brulee using the egg yolks I had in the freezer from an earlier pavlova making effort....brulees looked great and the top 3/4 was perfect, but at the bottom was a watery layer...concluded it was a result of the frozen yolks...never had any dramas before.

Also made my friend Gails apple and almond cake but substituted fresh peaches instead of apples...cake baked perfectly but by the time I served it the middle was soft...the moisture from the peaches had made it all gooey...i wasn't too worried...everyone came back for seconds.

We are having left overs tonight...after 2 nights in a row of dinner guests there is bits and pieces of everything left.