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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Second pasta maker adventure

I decided to venture into the world of ravioli this past weekend...I had a few ideas about fillings but not a lot of confidence in what I had planned. Decided to wing it and it was either going to be a hit or a huge flop.

Made my pasta sheets, made a filling of ricotta, finely diced preserved lemon, egg yolk, salt, pepper and grated parmesan. It took a while to get into the rhythm of making the ravioli but once I got it going it was great. 5 tea bag sized pillows was enough for each adult.

I served them hot and poured over a nut brown butter and fresh mint sauce and a squeeze of lemon.

Delicious but next time I will be more careful with the ravioli...they got a bit sticky and a couple didn't want to come off the plate I had rested them on.

All part of the learning process...

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